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"My experience with the dealership was like no other! Everyone was so kind, helpful, and most considerate to help me in purchasing an ATV for my husband as a surprise birthday/anniversary gift (we were married on his birthday, that way, like I told him; he wouldn't ever forget our anniversary LOL). I especially want to thank Robert Hoff, sales representative: his understanding of what our needs would be helped me to select the perfect product. Their dealership was highly recommended to us by a friend and they were so true - fantastic company."
By: Cheryl

"Aaron did an awesome job at selling me the right bike, they were fast and friendly, i will definitely be getting all my next rides from them."
By: Paolo    Page, ID

"Reading the other testimonials I had to smile. Yes, Robert in sales is all that and a bag of chips. Jess at the parts counter is on top of it all. The service department delivers on time and the job is done right. If you live in or near the Treasure Valley don't waste your time or the aggravation going that other shop. If you go to canyon you become their friend."
By: Joe    McNamee, ID

"This is the second purchase that I have made within the last 6 months. I have had excellent service especially from the sales department and specifically from Robert. I would highly recommend Canyon Honda."
By: Brett    Caldwell, ID

"12 years ago I sold my beloved Honda CB900 which I had for 20 years and of which I was notified that no more parts would be manufactured for it due to it's age, so I felt the time was right to sell her and I did... Somehow I figured just retiring at my age maybe bike riding for 40 years, since I was 13, was probably over, even though I loved riding so much... I've owned many bikes from most of the manufacturers but I accepted my biking days should probably be done... Late this summer having been without a bike for the last 12 years and after having lived in Portland for the last 36 years my wife and I decided to move to Walla Walla to be closer to our kids here... Just a few houses away from our new home here I met a new neighbor who had a mint condition 4 year old Harley he needed to sell due to his age and the weight of the bike... I wanted to go see it but put it off for several weeks and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and just had to go look at it... The guys wife let me in and after meeting her husband we really hit it off, but then they told me they had just sold the Sportster an hour before I arrived to a young guy... Oh well... Later that night I went on the internet to research if anything new was out there from all the manufacturers and in YouTube I started watching all the great videos showing the CTX700D with it’s innovative Dual Clutch technology, super low center of gravity and seat height of just 28 inches, it’s 70+ mpg fuel efficiency, it’s 6 speed automatic transmission that can be switched to full manual shifting with a flip of a switch and I got very excited... On YouTube I was listening to many older bikers like myself at 66 years old, as well as several up near their 80’s, who had owned as many as 3 Gold Wings, and other big touring machines over the years yet they were all saying hands down this new CTX700D was the finest riding bike they ever owned... They were sharing that for us older folks who are concerned with our balance and how uncertain it can make an older person feel on a bike that was tall and high off the ground, that this super low center of gravity had allowed them to easily and confidently come back to their beloved motorcycling... They also were mentioning that at their older ages they simply didn’t feel secure dealing with their big old 800lb bikes anymore... They raved about how wonderful the low center of gravity was on this CTX700D, and how comfortable the foot foreword pegs were, as well as the long rear facing handlebars were but it was the automatic 6 speed transmission and it’s super smooth dual clutch that they were really happy about... I started to get excited as I learned about how it has a regular automatic Drive Mode, as well as a Sport Mode, and then the third Manual Mode lets you shift up and down just as we all used to do... It surely seemed the best of all worlds for us older guys and I wanted to know more... Next day I just had to share all I learned on the CTX700D with my friend who had just sold his Harley, and immediately he too began researching this new 700cc bike which was perfect for both beginners, as well as for us older bikers who were wanting so bad to return to riding again... We both wanted a powerful, high mileage, easy shifting automatic, that gave us a secure balance feeling with it’s low 28 inch seat and center of gravity... My buddy spent that evening researching and watching all the videos on this new CTX700D and the next morning he was all excited and wanted to know if I wanted to look with him for a deal on buying 2 of these new automatic Honda’s and I said yes... Over the next 3 weeks we called most every dealer from Washington and Oregon, including all the Portland dealers, and asked them for quotes in which they all responded with $9k to $11k bids... Then after several weeks of getting quotes I somehow contacted Canyon Honda down in Nampa Idaho, 230 miles south of us here in Walla Walla... It was a dream come true because we were given solid bids $4k less than what we had received from easily two dozen other dealers... My friend and I ended up coming down a few days apart and we met the nicest Honda dealer we’ve ever known... These guys were so helpful and friendly all the way through these cash transactions... Our experience could not have been better in any way... I actually felt honored to be buying from them and that’s something I would never say lightly for any purchase... I have wanted to take the time for way too long now to just stop and write, giving my thoughts and happiness with regards to this great purchase experience that both me and my friend had with Canyon Honda down in Nampa... It was very worth the 460 mile round trip... They loaded the bikes into our tuck and even threw in 2 sets of very nice tie-downs to secure our new bikes for our trips home... When it comes to Honda Motorcycle dealers these guys and gals are truly the cream of the crop... My friend and I, as well as our wives, had a most wonderful Fall riding all over together on these really torque’y, light weight touring machines... The best mileage I’ve gotten to date was 72.5 mpg, and usually I get at least 68 mpg on the road... Not dealing with a heavy old fashioned hand clutch in bumper to bumper traffic is totally awesome, and the race-bred automatic shifts faster than I could ever shift manually... Sorry this was so long but I just felt it was necessary to convey how great the price and service was during these 2 bike purchases... bob niccolai"
By: Anonymous    Walla Walla, WA

By: Carson    New Plymouth, ID

"Worked with Robert Hoff purchasing our new 2014 Honda Stateline. He made it a great experience for my wife and myself. Robert went the extra mile for us, and we could not be happier. The rest of the staff from finance, to parts, and even the general manager made us feel like we were part of the Canyon Honda Family. I recommend these guys to anyone looking for a great experience when looking for power sports, motorcycles, even a lawnmower. Thanks guys, Dan Wines "
By: Dan    Middleton, ID

"I dealt with Robert, and this place was GREAT. I never felt pressured and he listened to what I was looking for, and kept it in mind and kept an eye out for it. To my surprise, a full month after I had visited, he called me with the used bike I was looking for, and invited me down to see it. Even then there was no pressure- I got to test drive it and he left me alone, letting me make up my own mind. When I knew I wanted it, he made me an amazing deal- slightly less than KBB value, and threw in a new front tire (which I hadn't noticed the bike needed), and a new helmet. I felt treated VERY well (especially compared to the terrible service I received at a different Honda dealer, which is much closer to my house). I would go back here in a heartbeat, and will. They keep their word and are honest to deal with."
By: Anonymous    BOISE, ID

"Robert and Canyon Honda has helped us with all our purchases and I just wanted to say he is absolutley wonderful. He has always treated us well and will be coming back for many years to come! "

"Had the best experience at Canyon Honda. My boyfriend bought a Honda Fury and we went back the next day so I could buy the Honda Rebel I was looking at when he bought his. Aaron Moore was our sales guy and what an awesome person he is! So helpful and nice, made sure we got exactly what we wanted. I will go back to these guys in the future for sure and recommend them to everyone. They were all helpful, but Aaron rocked!!! I was and am soooo happy and excited I got my bike. I love it and it's perfect! Thank you Aaron and Canyon Honda!!! "
By: aliki    Nampa, ID

"I had been to Canyon Honda before to replace a front fender in my 2000 Honda CBR 600 F4, which they replaced and matched the paint perfectly. So when I decided to shop for a new bike I figured I check them out first, glad I did. Aaron greeted me the second I walked through the door and was happy to answer all my questions. I like how he gave his honest opinion and recommendation based on what I used my current bike for. Aaron found me a special edition model that was not in the showroom and when two errors on my credit report nearly soured the whole deal, Aaron reassured me that the Honda Financial team was excellent and that he would put in a good word to make sure I didn't miss out on this great bike. At the end of the day I got the bike I wanted and couldn't be more happy. While my wife was disappointed that I didn't get a free t shirt for buying a new bike I on the otherhand was completely satisfied and cant see myself buying anywhere else."
By: Jose    Caldwell, ID

"Aaron Moore and all the staff at Canyon Honda have been extremely helpful in getting me back on a dirt bike. I got exactly what I wanted and more than I expected. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a bike, parts/service, gear or just general advice. "
By: Justin    Caldwell, ID

"I purchased my new 2014 Foreman500 from them and I have to say Aarron and Matt whent the extra mile for me with financing and making sure I got what I wanted, thanks guys. Other dealers make you feel pressured and shun you if you have less then stellar credit , but not here. Keep up the good work and I'll be back for my next purchase."
By: Jacob    Boise, ID

"I have 2 raves about Canyon Honda...I am not a "motorcyle guy", I am more of a backyard warrior. I have had my Honda mower serviced there, and for whatever reason after it was serviced this year, it is better than new! I almost have to run to keep up with it...fantastic job! My second rave is about the cultivators Honda sells. Every man or woman who owns a garden should own one of these! It has made all my garden work 1000 times easier, and putting in new landscaping has been a breeze! This little machine is FREAKING AWESOME!"
By: Ben    Boise, ID

"From start to finish my wife and I were treated with respect and not just another number. We have bought 2 4-wheelers and now a motorcycle with Canyon Honda. We always know that we are getting a great deal and it is awesome that we have a local dealership that we can trust. The Clarks"
By: David     Nampa, ID

"Keep up the great Customer Service. "
By: Phillip    Meridian, ID

"I can't say enough good things about this team. They are truly passionate and knowledgeable about riding, and they want to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Every time I have been to other dealers it always felt like the "used car" treatment, but with Canyon Honda, it was no pressure, and all fun. I can't think of a reason I would go anywhere else to bike our next bikes or equipment. Thanks guys!"
By: Mike     Boise, ID

"My son and I are new to the ATV world. I spoke with the business Mgr. at length, explaining how we are new to ATV's and it has been several yrs since I rode motorcycles. This gentleman was understanding, knowledgeable, helpful and gave me great advice to the many questions I had. Not to mention the great deal I got on everything!!! He and the mechanic took so much time to go over everything with me. Test runs, how to hook the trailer up properly. "How to" everything on the ATV, for different scenarios on the awe some toy we got. We are having so much fun on it and it won't break the bank! Thank you Canyon Honda for all the best assistance I have received in a very long time. I'll be back for a 420 or 500."
By: Laura    Nampa, ID

"The guys at Canyon Honda went above and beyond to replace a rear tire as my wife and I were passing through town last week. We would have been stranded over the weekend were it not for their willingness to do whatever necessary to get us back on the road. Thank you so much!"
By: Stephen    Tacoma, WA

"Every time we walk in this store there is a friendly greeting and someone ready to help us. Staff is very friendly and takes the time to answer every question even if we aren't buying anything. Great Job people! We will be loyal customers as long as you keep it up."
By: Jamie & Beth    Nampa, ID

"This is our second purchase at Canyon. The first was in 2005 and we purchased 2 new 750's. Robert was great to work with and we got a great deal. This week, I traded in my 750 and purchased a 2005 VTX1800. Everyone was great to work with. Robert was really busy and so Matt took over. Everyone works so well togther. I got a really good deal on the new bike with accessories and we left really happy. We go back so that they can install the accessories. We will be Canyon Honda customers forever."
By: Leon    Ontario, OR

"Canyon Honda was the best experience I've ever had. They always offer assistance and give you the best deals. They provide the best services with whatever you need. I am a customer for life. If you ever need great assistance and looking for a great deal Canyon Honda is by far the best place to go. "
By: Robert    new plymouth, ID

"Outstanding buying experience from start to finish! Canyon Honda handled my trade fairly. Joe was great to work with and I would highly recommend him to friends or family. We made the deal, I went to lunch and when I returned he had my 2 new Rancher ATV's ready as well as the trailer ready to be loaded. The service department handled the Pre-Delivery thoroughly as well as professionally. The Honda name sells itself but its the dealership that keeps customers coming back satisfied."
By: Anonymous    Meridian, ID

"Overall I love coming to Canyon Honda, every time I come in the staff is friendly and I'm always greeted. The only thing is that I had them order a repair manual for my bike and when it came in it was the wrong thing, luckily they had one on hand."
By: Torry    Nampa, ID

"Canyon Honda treated me just as good the day I needed help as it did the day I got my new bike. "
By: Rick     Nampa, ID

"These guys went the extra mile to get me financed on my bike. I have less than perfect credit and was really impressed on how they all got the job done. I had talked to other dealers in the area and was denied by all of them. Thanks Canyon you have a loyal customer."
By: DARREN    nampa, ID

"When you walk in everyone is friendly and warm feeling. Financing is easy and the whole process was easy and wonderful. We have done a lot of business here and the place was kid friendly. Everyone played with the kids and showed interest in what we wanted and not what could get them the best commission. "
By: Lisa     Nampa , ID

"Guys at Canyon Honda are a great group of people that treat me like a friend! "